Sunday, June 24, 2012

Long silence


Sorry for the long silence...has it been that long...?

Well sometimes ( now most of the time) when I am busy I tend to forget about time! Plus now that I am not working, I always forget the date but luckily not the day of the week yet. Thank you to the morning classes that I normally attend during weekdays or else I would also forget what day it is!. :)

Here are some of the things that I have been doing.

I made this Chinese style baked Chicken for lunch today. And Along made the salad and the potatoes to go with the chicken

 I have ventured into a more advance technique with my RE and I am so happy that I have something new to play with. Here are some of the work that I have done the past week:). Alhamdulillah

This big RE for frame is not yet 100% completed. Sakit pinggang wooo...bila mau siap? I still need to sew the back part of the embroidery and need to paint some of the flowers to make them more intersting to look at.

The best part of my long silence was I learned how to sew the 'express' tudung as my sis calls them and Alhamdulillah I did a tutorial for it in my fb. I wonder if I put the link here, anyone who aren't in my friends list could also view it or not.:). Try this link..

Thats all for now. My eyes just refused to open its goodnite to all...and hope to meet again, InsyaAllah:)


CikNi Ahnie (KakNi) said...

Hai Mak Lang, dah lama tak keeping-up with Mak Lang... nak bgtau, blog saya dah updated + address changed:

Kampung Baca said...

Hai Sis, Saya mau beli BUKU SULAM RIBEN SIRI 1, apakah boleh?. From Indonesia