Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nasi dagang, Nasi Lemak, Briani and Rendang Ayam


My colleagues are having breakfast of Nasi Dagang right in front of me. Hmmm…but I am fasting today. There are 3 free meals today. 2 for breakfast ( nasi lemak by one person and another one is the nasi dagang) and another one for lunch ( nasi beriani)…Alhamdulillah and may Allah give them more for their kind hearted to belanja us the food!. Ingat nak ambil sedikit for my iftar today…cukup tak agaknya…The nasi dagang looks so delicious. And I am sure it is good…as it was prepared by my friend’s grandma..

ooohhh..nasi dagang ini kelihatan sungguh sedap...

2 gantang nasi dagang free hari ni...:)Alhamdulillah

ada juga tapai pulut dan ketupat pulut:)

jom jamu selera:)..tapi jangan rebut!

sempat posing tu...nasi dagang boleh tunggu

ni apasal pulak tak ambil lagi...or ke dah kenyang makan sepinggang..


I was late coming to the office this morning. But not that late. Just about 5 mins late. I thought of coming early as I need to go to the school as it is parents’ day today. Alhamdulillah Maya did quite well. Angah dropped in her performance. Angah…Tengok laa lagi all those Korean movies….Mak tak nak cakap banyak. I have told her so many times about this…I hope she will get good results like Along did. Or else it will be like when she took her UPSR…only 4As. But its OK…only Angah was so frustrated! I hope she learnt her lesson. And I will pray for her success in her upcoming PMR.


Yesterday was a busy day for me. Not in the office though…as usual. There was a little bit of discussion on the current project. I am eager at times to get back to technical things but at times it was done half-heartedly. But I am sure I will miss these times when I am out of the office…Sad eh…Yes..Very sad that it has to end this way…But I am sure Allah has more good things for me in the future InsyaAllah..

I went to fetch Hakim from his Sekolah Agama after office. He told me that I need to make some ketupat for him…As usual….with her every so softly nak pujuk mak…

Mak…mak tahu tak nak buat ketupat?

I said yes…but mana daunnya?

Oh…ada Cikgu kasi…akim kena buat 8 biji tau…tapi mak kena buatkan jugak untuk Lokman lagi 3.

Oh..kenapa pulak mak nak kena buat untuk Lokman?

Tak pelaa…mak tolong laa..nanti pukul 6 dia datang ambik…

It was almost 530 at that time and I had to go print some of Angah’s kertas kerja. She needs to submit today. I had printed some on Tuesday but the night before she told me that she forgot to print a few more pages. I told Hakim I might not be able to do the ketupat by 6:00 and asked him to call Lokman to come at 630 instead. I took me only a few minutes to do 3 ketupats. But I did not make any using the rest of the daun ketupat. They were either too short or too small. 3 kali pusing kat my fingers, and that’s it. Even Maya’s tiny fingers would not be able to hold them!

Hakim was satisfied with Lokman’s 3 ketupat and for Hakim’s part, I asked bibik to make some nasi impit. Cikgu kata its ok if nak beli ketupat Adabi but I am just too lazy to drive to the shop. After all bibik is ever so ready to make the lontong. She likes to eat the lodeh with the lontong and I asked her to prepare extra for the house. So, InsyaAllah Sunday morning breakfast will be lontong and lodehlaa…

Today Hakim is so happy that he is going to make Rendang ayam. He had to bring all the blended ingredients. He read to me who is to bring what and as usual his part was the most. I asked him why was it like that and he said…tak pelaa…kan boleh dapat banyak pahala…he he…Pandai anak usuallaaa part dia part paling banyak. Like last year when the teachers asked for a donation of one hamper, Hakim or was it Maya told us that Cikgu nak 3!..I was thinking…wow..Cikgu demanding nya…but we got to know that cikgu just minta donation and bukan hamper…Ni mesti turun termurun, tangan kembang kata awrah MIL ( Al Fatehah to arwah MIL)…

Thanks for reading...

Allahumma, nikmat apa yang aku peroleh dan diperoleh seseorang di antara makhlukMu adalah dariMu, yang Esa dan tidak bersekutu, maka bagi Mu segala puji dan syukur...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011



I am a sleepyhead this morning. Slept around 12:00 last night and woke up at 5:00am. I should have slept an hour earlier so that I can wake up early. I am trying to fast today. Mak called a few days back to remind that it is good to puasa today and tomorrow because it is Israk Mikraj. InsyaAllah...Angah, kakak, bibik and myself are fasting today. Hopefully the hot weather will not be hard on us..InsyaAllah..

It was a not so productive day yesterday. I was trying hard to complete the tudung that I started a day before. Maybe the light brown tudung is not a colour that I like and therefore, the mood is just not there. Slow sesangat! I still need to complete just a little bit more at the back....hmmm...have to do it sometime tonite! I really have to...or else it will just sit there FOR weeks or maybe months before it will be completeD. I really need to be in the mood to do my RE:).

Late yesterday evening, I managed to complete 2 bags. Alhamdulillah. But I am not going to show them today:). The bags below were sewn last weekend ..:)

this was ordered by my sis's friend

and the following ordered by someone in KL for her daughter's khenduri kawin..:)

Dan diantara tanda2 kekuasaanNya ialah tidurmu diwaktu malam dan siang hari dan usahamu mencari sebahagia dari kurniaNya. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda-tanda bagi kaum yang mendengarkan.. Ar Rum

I am praying for a better day for my family and me.. and my readers...Amin...

Thank you for hopping by:)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the hot weather..


I have been feeling very tired since yesterday morning. Could be because of the hot weather I guess...Hmm...need to do some exercises as well. I have been procrastinating on this! The threadmill has been sitting in the TV room untouched for so long. Sometimes Hakim or Maya will switch it on and start running or walking on it... When is my turn? I have been too busy with my sewing. Too many bags to be completed by 1st week of next the month...Hopefully I can get them done very soon. The 11 bags ordered by a friend for her khenduri kawin are almost done. Only 1 left and another 1 as a gift for her. The 21 pouches are still in the middle of the making. I just hate sewing the bulky pouches. Too afraid that the needle will break when sewing on thick materials! Hopefully I can also complete them by this week..please please Allah give me the strength to complete my work...InsyaAllah..


The kids behaved very well yesterday morning . I was back home from sending them to school at around 7:20am. That was early. And as usual preparing myself for work. Lately I have been dragging myself to the office. Soon, I do not have to rush to go to the office anymore. I am happy not to have to work but at the same time feeling sad that I have to leave the office that I have been working for the last 14 years. As old as Angah's age. A very long time indeed. I had to sacrifice my work so that I could take care of my kids. I just cannot imagine leaving the kids with the bibik while both of us are far away from them. It is the work or the kids and of course the kids and the family should definitely come first. I am praying for a better future for the family and for me...Amin...

Later in the evening. I managed to complete these bags...Kakak will fix the buttons and tidy the bags...Alhamdulillah...:)

~Kepunyaan Allahlah segala yang ada di langit dan di bumi dan jika kamu melahirkan apa yang ada di dalam hatimu atau kamu menyembunyikannya, nescaya Allah akan membuat perhitungan dengan kamu tentang perbuatanmu itu. Maka Allah mengampuni siapa yang dikehendakiNya dan menyiksa siapa yang dikehendakiNya; dan Allah Maha Kuasa atas segala sesuatu..~ al Mathurat...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Of Bread and Chicken Stuffed Bread


Yesterday was a rather slow day. I do not like Sundays. Particularly Sunday evenings. Why? Because dear hubby will be going back to KL. Sometimes late evening, sometimes at night. Yesterday he left the house with Along around 6:00pm. They drove back in the small white car so that Along can drive it to her classes. Alhamdulillah they arrived safely around 11:00pm


Kakak made some bread yesterday afternoon which was so yummylicious. Along brought back a few pieces and some of the lauk which I have cooked and freezed the day before. Even the masak asam ikan tenggiri which I cooked earlier in the morning was nicely packed to be brought back to KL. It has been a full masak early Saturday morning before the RE class started. Ayam masak paprik and chicken cashew nut ( without the cashew nut!) were among the lauk which were packed and freeze. Cik Abang just refused to buy food from outside. So, I cooked a few dishes and freeze them for him to bring back to KL. It will be much easier to preheat the food and eat them rather than going to the foodstall every evening! Just cannot wait for us to move to KL so that we will be together again, InsyaAllah..

This time using the Mauripan yeast, the dough rose nicely:)...Alhamdulillah..

Later in the evening, Cik Abang rolled some pita bread (?), bukan pita bread...apekenama dia...Lupa dah. Stuffed with chicken, carrot, salad, cheese and mayo. Finger lickin' good...Thanks Dear:)

These bags were brought to KL. Nicely packed in the paper bags to be delivered by hand . Hopefully my friends will like them:). Thanks Along for being my posnita:)

I am praying for a brighter future

Allahumma, sesungguhnya aku berlidung padaMu dari kekafiran dan kefakiran; Allahumma, aku berlindung kepadaMu dari azab kubur; tidak ada Tuhan selain Engkau...Amin

Sunday, June 26, 2011

RE class


The best of all things that had happened last weekend 1st Buku Sulam Riben Siri 1 is already on the bookshelves in the bookstores.. ( eh ye ke ni???). Congratulations to Marlina Rahmat as well...Na...we made it! and thanks to PTS and the gang for all the hard work:)


Alhamdulillah , both beloved hubby and dotter arrived quite late on ( Friday nite) or was it early saturday morning:). Alhamdulillah..although feeling very tired..I am sure they are happy to be home..:).

I went to the Pasar Tani to do some groceries. My every Friday chore. It was done in a rush but I was still late to start my class. Had to go to the bank before doing the shopping. I went to the bank after sending Hakim to the camp on Thursday, but the telemachine was not operating ( tgh isi wang!)

The fishes were very expensive. RM15 for the ikan kembong. Very expensive!. Normally its only RM12/kg. It really caught me by surprised. Very steep price!

Upon reaching home, I fried some mee kuning for breakfast.


One of my students arrived at around 8:25am. I was still in my baju dapor! He he..and I immediately run upstairs to take a quick shower:)

As usual classes on Fridays are slow. Memang slow...Maybe belom warm up lagi. But the excitement gradually arised towards later of the morning. Kakak made some pengat pisang for the break. Alhamdulillah all went well.

I did some sewing later during the day and completed sewing a few small bags and a RE for one of the bags:)


The class on Saturday was good. Somehow the time flew very quickly. All were excited preparing to sulam on the tudung bawal. Alhamdulillah:)

Two students did not attend the class which I conducted last week. So, I had to teach them the lessons from last week class. Alhamdulillah they are fast learners, so they had no problem catching up..

All smiles when she could do it:) Alhamdulillah..

Another happy face...:)

Carefully tracing the patterns onto the tudung:)


Showing off her work:). Sweet colours:)


From Friday's class... very colourful indeed! The students can choose the colours they prefer:)..although guidelines on how to mix the colours are given:)


Ya Allah..thank you for all the good things that you have showered onto our family..Alhamdulillah)

Allahumma, nikmat apa yang aku peroleh dan diperoleh seseorang di antara makhlukMu adalah dari Mu, yang Esa dan tidak bersekutu, maka bagiMu segala puji dan syukur...~ Al Maathurat

Thursday, June 23, 2011



Alhamdulillah pagi ni maklang bangun dengan berasa sungguh segar. Lama dah tak rasa macam ni. Entah lah kan. Agaknya fikiran tak berserabut kot. Lepas dah dengar Cik Abang ' lecture' kejap pasal life and how to look at things really makes a lot of difference. Rasa macam di rejuvenate je..he he...taulah ada meeting tentang project Bekok C yang nak di rejuvenate tu...tapi ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan project kat office. Its the internal punya hal ler...Hati ni kalau tak dipujuk, dibelai, dimasukkan dengan bacaan ayat2 suci kadang2 mudah terasa kacau...ha ha...ayat apa maklang tulis pagi2 ni.. he he...mood baik pagi ni ...alhamdulillah...harap2 akan jadi baik je sepanjang hari ni , besok, lusa dan selamanya InsyaAlla nak tolong...baru2 ni je maklang berjaya pujuk dia:) Alhamdulillah..Allah beri jalan untuk memudahkan kerja2 maklang...

Semalam seharian maklang siapkan jahitan RE utk beg anak makcik yang belajar jahit dengan maklang tu. Alhamdulillah dah siap pun letak manik, matikan jahitan dan buat apa yang patut. Yang belumnya ialah untuk menjadikannya beg. Nanti petang ingatkan nak minta kawan maklang jahitkan. Maklang bab nak menjadikan beg ni ada malas sikit. Rasa macam tension je. Alang2 ada kawan yang boleh tolong, why not. Dia pun dapatlah upahnya juga...Ni pun baru aje maklang minta buatkan. 2nd batch laa ni. Sebelum ni semua nya buat sendiri. Kalau ada yang tolong2 ni cepat lah sikit jadinya. InsyaAllah...Alhamdulillah Allah dah mudahkan sikit keje2 maklang ni:)

Ni pon antara jahitan2 yang dah siap. Cuma separuh je baru bersambung, yang lain masih macam tu juga. Tuan dia nak before 10th July or earlier. nak buat hadiah utk kawan2 masa hari khenduri kahwin anak dia. Harap2 siaplah semuanya, InsyaAllah...

Petang ni Hakim akan ke Penyu Sanctuary somewhere in Paka:). Dia minta maklang hantar dia petang nnt. Mak OK je...Tapi tak tahu kat mana lagi tempatnya...tak pernah pergi . Kalau Abah pernah pegi masa Maya ada aktivit kat sana. nanti2 nak tanya kawan2 yang tau laa...Sebab cikgu dah bagi2 ikut kumpulan, cikgu pun dah beri Hakim tugas. Tugas Hakim ialah minta mak marinate kan ayam utk nak bawa pergi camping. Dari malam tadi dia dah tanya mak dah marinate lom ayam...he he...Kot ye pun sabar lah sayang. Tengahari nanti mak balik, mak marinate laa ayam tu. Masih banyak masa lagi. Bukan payah pun. Ayam pun dah ada dalam fridge , tingga defrost dan cuci and then kita marinatelaaa... Just nice je by the time nak pergi petang nnt. Tengoklah nnt macamana dia punya excitement nnt. Pandai jugak dia kemas baju sendiri malam tadi. Nanti balik lunch nak kena cek jugak, takut ada yang tertinggal:).

Oklah sini dulu report maklang..:) Have a nice day:)

" sesungguhnya kami terjaga (dipagi hari) dengan ( kesedaran bahawa) Kerajaan ( bumi dan segala isinya) ini seluruhnya adalah milik Allah. Dan segala puji bagi Allah, tiada sekutu baginya tiada Tuhan selain Dia dan kepada Nya kami akan dibangkitkan"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Biasa-biasa aje


Its been 4 days since I last updated. Nothing much worth writing has happened over the last few days... I have been 'playing' with my ribbons and needles and sewing machine...what else kan?? Sambil2 menjahit menonton movie kat my PC. Life has been a bit boring since dear hubby is not by my side. but with the other 3 I am always bz melayan....I am always eager for Friday to come quickly. InsyaAllah this weekend, both Cik Abang and Along will be home.... then boleh lah nak cook something special. Tapi nak cook apa ye? Hmmm...nnt tengoklah macamanakan...

Alhamdulillah dah siap jahit beberapa helai tudung bawal. Lama sungguh nak menyiapkan sehelai. Memang semuanya handmade kan. Kain pulak halus nipis mmg lah kena berhati2. Kadang2 juga hilang idea nak buat bunga apa. Takkan nak buat ros besar2! memang tak cantek nanti. So, balik2 bentuk bunga yang sama ajelaa...he he...puas dah buat french knots kat tudung, buat bunga daisies pulak..Mungkin lepas ni buat bunga campur2 kot..and maybe campur2 warna supaya lebih menarik:)...InsyaAllah..Moga ideas terus mencurah...doa dan terus berdoa...:) InsyaAllah Allah beri ilham...Amin

Malam tadi hujan tersangat lebat. Tak tahu mula pukul berapa. Tau2 pukul 2:30 pg alarm rumah dah menjerit. Entah berapa lama dah menjerit tak tahulah tu. Maklang bangun tutup alarm. Sementara nak lelapkan mata semula, ternampak kilat dah petir. Bunyinya sungguh menakutkan...Ya Allah ku pohon kalau lindungi aku dan keluarga ku dari panahan petir. Memang takutlaa malam tadi. Nasib baik cepat gak lelapnya mata ni. Dan sedar2 dah 6:30pg...Lambat lagi pagi ni. tapi alhaamdulillah anak2 cepat bangun. 2-3 hari ni dengan cuaca yang tak menentu badan cepat letih. Maklang ingat maklang sorang aje rasa camtu. Rupa2nya kawan opis pon complain yang sama...Harap2 tak lama lah macam ni. Malam pula cepatlah ngantuk nya...

Hari ini cadangnya nak menjahit bunga daisy untuk beg anak makcik yang belajar menjahit dengan maklang. Alhamdulillah...dengan makcik je maklang dapat tempahan beberapa helai tudung bawal. Lebih 7 helai rasanya. entah bila dapat selesaikan semuanya...Syukur, Allah beri rezeki cara ni.

Oklah sini dulu celoteh maklang. Ada banyak lagi benda nak buat ni...kang dok melayan blog, melayan fb..satu benda tak siap...rugi pulak rasanya...

Ya Allah ku mohon perlindungan dari Mu dari segala bencana...dengan nama Allah, yang dengan namaNya akan terhalanglah, segala sesuatu di bumi, di langit, untuk menimpakan bencana, dan Ia Maha Mendengar dan Mengetahui..Amin...

Terimakaseh kerana melayari blog maklang..jemput datang lagi...:)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Famil day dah annual dinner 2011


Selamat Hari Bapa untuk semua bapa2 yang membaca blog ini terutama suami tercinta dan abah yang dikasihi. Tahun ini Hari Bapa di sambut dengan mee rebus aje... Cik Abang dah request since last week. Semalam was Rojak India Day. Alhamdulillah Rojak India laku...:) dan mee rebus dah hampir siap pun kuahnya. Maklang tumis pagi semalam, then continue semula petang lepas makan tengahari sebab lada kering habis! Lepas dah gunting lada kering, tak sempat nak buat sebab kelas dah nak mula...Alhamdulillah class went smoothly sampai students complained cepat sangat masa berlalu...Alhamdulillah semuanya excited nak buat. Ada sampai tak berbunyi sebab nak cepat siapkan jahitan:)


Jumaat malam Sabtu was Family Outing dan Annual Dinner ofis maklang kali ini diadakan di Awana Kijal je. Oklah sambutannya. Maklang tak cek in hotel pon. Dekat sangat. Tak kuasa nak mengemas baju. So, kami bertolak lepas maghrib. Malam sebelum tu, dah pilih2 baju mana yang sesuai utk dipakai. Kali ini theme was Glitters in the Garden. Hmmm..berpoloh2 sebab panas sangat malam Sabtu. Alhamdulillah kami dapat tempat yang agak elok jugak laa...Hanya kami ber4 aja, since Abang sampai lewat malam dan Along dah di KL sekarang ...( bila macam2 ni, rasa macam nak cepat2 aje hu). Tapi sabar itu separuh daripada iman kan. Dugaan datang dalam berbagai cara...dah terbukti dengan berkat kesabaran dan berdoa, Alhamdulillah Along kini diterima di U Em..Alhamdulillah. The MC was Shamsul Ghau Ghau. Oklah dia. Bersahaja aje. Pandai juga dia cakap Terengganu.:)

Kami dapat hadiah the Happy Family. Terkezut gak bila nama maklang dipanggil. Dahlah tak cukup korum! Dapat lah seset tupperware bertingkat:). Hakim kecewa sebab tak dapat lucky draw! Nak buat macamana dah tak ada rezeki. The food was oklaa..tak ada apa yang outstanding sangat. Cuma daging bakar je sedap....

Ada gambar dlm hp tapi entah mana pulak wire tak yah gambar lah ye...


Jap lagi lepas habis siaran Tanyalah Ustadz kat TV9 ni ( mmg jarang dapat tengok sebab waktu nilaaa sibuk nak kluar hantar anak2 kesekolah:( ), maklang plan nak goreng nasi buat breakfast. Nak buat nasi lemak, semalam dah makan telor rebus, tengahari kang mee rebus pun ada telor rebus. Pening kan asyik makan telor aje. Kadang memang hilang idea nak makan apa...

Oklah sini dulu repot maklang buat hari ni. Jahitan tu dah menjeling. Masih banyak lagi tak siap. Especially bulan Julai ni. Takut tak terkejar, tapi mohon doakan maklang cepat menjahit ni ye. Ya Allah moga Kau permudahkan perjalanan hidup ku dan keluarga ku serta sahabat2 ku, dunia dan akhirat...Amin...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Doa - doa:)


Alhamdulillah Jumaat kembali lagi. Alhamdulillah dah selesai pun menjalankan tugas dari pagi tadi. sekarang masa untuk beristirehat sambil mengupdet blog. Lunch pun belum lagi. Students baru aje balik dalam pukol 2:30pm . Maklang ingat nak ke MM kejap. Ada nak beli barang untuk Hakim. Tukar kupon aje.

Pagi tadi, pukol 7:20am dah keluar rumah ke pasar tani. Semuanya nak kena cepat. Sampai berselisih dgn officemate pun tak perasan. Memang bila nak cepat2 ni, tak nampak orang laaa..he he.. Kol 8:00 dah balik. Siap2 pulak sebab klas patut start pukol 8:30am. Janjinya 18 orang tp yang dtg cuma 9 orang aje. Sebab last minute ada hal. InsyaAllah minggu depan mereka datanglah. Mana taknya kami dapat cuti free ahad ni, so tambah sehari lagilaa. Apalagi orang ambik chance lah nak balik kg. etc.

Anyway, the class went well. Alhamdulillah.


Macam biasa lah wiken ni tak ada rancangan nak kemana. Minggu ni ada famili day. Maklang n anak2 akan attend dinner aje sebab ada hal besok. Harap2 meriah. InsyaAllah. dan moga2 adalah hadiah baik yang menanti, InsyaAllah:). Doakan nasib maklang baik hari ini ye:)

Jap lagi if ok, akan sambung beg kawan. Tadi pun dia dah tye bila siapnya...Kadang rasa pening nak kejar kan date line. Tapi bersyukur kerana rezeki dari Allah tak pernah putus, Alhamdulillah...

Ok lah, takat sini dulu, Hakim dah tunggu tu kat bawah. Kalau lewat pegi, lewat pula baliknya.

Have a nice weekend.:):):)

Terimakaseh kerana melayari blog maklang. Harap2 akan merapatkan persahabatan kita ke jalan Allah...Amin...:)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kesian kereta...:(


Alhamdulillah Along dah pun berada kat rumah Alang sekarang. Alang ambik dia balik petang tadi. Dah submitlah tu surat berhenti. Hari Isnin nanti baru register kat Uni baru. Moga2 tak ada masalah lah hendakNya...Abah dia kata kena isi semula borang biasiswa dia laa...berapa kali mau isi daaaa..surat tukar Uni dah ke 2 kali ...Tak pelaaa..buat ajelaaa...supaya akan lancar semuanya InsyaAllah

Nanti Dhirah duduk kat kolej mana tak tahulah ...tapi Dhirah berangan nak duduk kat rumah Alang je. Lagipun rumah Alang masih dalam kawasan Uni. So, kalaulah dibenarkan senang laa..Alang pun ada yang akan teman. Lega sikit...Alhamdulillah..

Kat Uni ni ramai jugak kawan2 Dhirah. Sepupu dia pun ada sorang kat situ. So, insyaallah tak ada masalah lah ..moga2 mudahlah laluan Dhirah nak mencapai cita2 dia...Amin


Kat rumah pulak, pagi2 tadi maklang dah dihidangkan dengan bau yang memualkan. Ingatkan hari ni nak bawa kereta yang besar sikit tu ke ofis. Dah lama sangat tak gerak. Ada kot 10 hari lebih. Asik pakai kete kecik aje. Kalau dulu masa sikecik tak ada, pakai aje si besar aje. Org kata kalau lama sgt tak start kot2 battery tu jam. So cita2nya begitulah tadi. Tapi bila bukak je pintu kereta tu, bau kuat sangat. rasa cam nak muntah. masa tu kakak and bibik angkat barang2 yang nak pos tu. Maklang pula angkat beg maklang. Baru nak letak barang dan bau semacam. Mula2 excited gak lama tak bw kete ni. Bila bau dah semacam, maklang cuba lah cari apa yang menyebabkan bau yg amat busuk tu. Takutlah ada barang tertinggal kat belakang kereta. buka2 pintu belakang tak ada. rupanya kat tengah2 antara driver's and passenger seat. Ada 2 botol sunquick and beberapa bungkus pulut. Dalam hati takkanlah benda2 ni mengeluarkan bau yang busuk. Tengok2 lagi.. rupanya ada 2 tiub daging cincang. Dah berbuih dah. Memang rasa nak muntah. Mintak kakak and bibik bersihkan kereta tu. lap2 apa yang patut. maklang sempat start kereta tu kejap, then terus ke ofis.

By the time maklang balik rumah, semua pintu2 kereta masih terbuka lagi. Lampu2 dalam kereta pun menyala. Terdetik dalam hati...Alamak dah 4 jam lampu2 tu menyala. Takut lak battery kaput. So, maklang cubalah start2 kereta tu. Mmg lembaplah nak start kereta tu. Tapi Alhamdulillah ok dah. Bau pun not that badlaa...Bibik letak kopi dalam kerete. Petang tadi, maklang minta bibik potong beberapa helai daun pandan dan letak kat kereta. sebabnya nak tutup screen tingkap tu pulak. harap2 by besok tak ada dah bau tu. Tapikan kalau teringat je bau tu memang laaa nak muntah lagi...Uwekkkk...

Petang tadi maklang sempat pos jahitan2 maklang. Harap2 si empunya akan terima semuanya dlm sehari dua ni and akan puas hati dengan hasil jahitan maklang ni...Moga2 akan bertambah lah rezeki maklang...InsyaAllah...

beg ni antara yg ada dalam bungkusan tu...ditempah oleh kawan sekolah maklang ...:)

Oklah..sini aje dulu lah ye...ada orang datang pulak...:) selamat berhari khamis...yeay...dah dekat hari Jumaat ..hari yang di tunggu@:)



Bersyukur ke hadrat Allah Yang Maha Esa kerana memperkenankan doa2 kami sekeluarga. Akhirnya idaman Along untuk memasuki Uni Em yang sangat2 dia harapkan tercapai jua. Alhamdulillah. Mengalir air mata ibu tua ni kerana rasa sayu dan sebak. Alhamdulillah Allah beri anak maklang peluang utk belajar kat tempat yang sangat2 dia inginkan. Infact uni ni adalah pilihan no 1 dan 2, then comes Ui@ dan Unim@s. Seterusnya tak ingat pulak apa yg dia letak. Boleh dia terlepas pandang nak letak uni2 lain yang berdekatan. Masa dapat result Matrik dulu, dia dapat kat Kedah. Mak oiii, jauhnya anak mak, tapi masih boleh dipertimbangkan. Lepas tu dapat pulak Unim@s lagilah jauh. Kebimbangan seorang ibu mmglah tak dapat nak dikata...Jauhnya anak mak sampai seberang lautan. Camana nanti. Dahlah tak pernah berpisah dan berada di bumi asing ( asing laa sbb separated dari semenanjung). Tak ada sedara langsung di sana. Si ibu ni pun bertanya2lah sekiranya ada kawan2 yang punya anak yg belajar kat sana. Memang risau teramat sangatlah masa tu. Berusaha laa...Alhamdulillah ramai yang memberi pandangan dan nasihat. InsyaAllah anak Ok nnt kat sana. Kami ada kawan kat sana. Kami ada anak yg sekolah kat sana dan ada ibu angkat. Kalau nak kami kenalkan pon boleh...Itu antara kata2 teman2 yang sama2 telah rasa apa yang bakal maklang rasa bila along akan bersekolah kat sana.

Dalam pada tu, maklang tercari2 cara camana nak minta along tukar uni. Yg bimbang sangat tu, Dhira ni ada sakit mata. memang bila kena attack dia, mata dia kabur n tak nampak. pakai spec pun tak nampak. mata pun sakit. tak leh tengok cahaya langsung. lepas tu dia cam kena migrane. Tu yang paling bimbang. dah jauh2 kat sana sapelah nak bawa dia kat doctor. kat sini kalau kena, mmg kena jumpa secepatnya. maklang or abah dia akan bw dia ke specialist kat kuantan. Lepas dah letak titik ubat tu barulah dia ok. Kesian dia. Memang kena jaga sangat. Alhamdulillah lepas dah berusaha, berhubung dengan kawan2 yang ada keje at UIA, tye procedure, minta surat Dr dan sebagainya dapatlah Dhira diterima masuk. Syukur sangat2. Terimakaseh tak terhingga buat mereka yang concern, terutamanya kak Ana, bekas housemate masa kat US dulu. Dia byk bantu maklang nak buat apa yang patutu. Tapi kursus yang di tawarkan bukan sains perubatan. Kalau kat Unim@s memang buat sains hayat yang akan menjurus ke perubatan. memang cita2 Dhira sejak lama dulu. nak ikut Alang laa tu. Tak mau ikut jurusan jurutera mak dia...memang mak pun tak nak lah dia jadi jurutera, susah sangat...campur dgn kaum tak sejenis...tak perlaaa..mana2 yang anak2 minat, mak galakkan asal nak belajar.

Masa dapat tawaran Bio Science kat UI@ seme orang nasihat, masuk aje dulu, then minta tukar utk menjurus ke perubatan. Minggu taaruf (orientation) Dhira minta tukar, tapi tak dapat. Risaunya maklang. Tapi masih ada peluang lagi kalau nak tukar bila periksa semester . Tapi memang lah kena score gila2. Doa maklang sentiasa dengan Dhira dan anak2 yang lain. Sekolah ajelah dulu. Alhamdulillah ada tempat. kalau org lain ada yang tak dapat langsung. Tulah antara kata2 maklang pada dia. Nasihat dan nasihat, sambil minta dia sama2 bersolat hajat. In fact rasanya semua yang sayang kat dia berdoa dan bersolat hajat agar dia tabah dan dapat sempurna menjalankan tugas sebagai pelajar asasi di Ui@. Alhamdulillah nampak2 lepas 2-3 hari, dia dah mula enjoy.

Masa buat appeal utk Ui@, kami ada juga minta appeal kat Uni Em ni. Alhamdulillah setelah berusaha, dan mungkin berkat doa semua dan belas kasihan dari Maha Esa, anak sulong kesayangan maklang ni, akhirnya diterima masuk ke Uni Em ni. Alhamdulillah...Mengalir air mata ibu tua ni mengenangkan anak dia dapat apa yang dihajati. Semalam memang maklang, cik abang, alang dan dhirah sendiri berdebar2. Kak ana pun msg ke maklang tanya camana. Dapat tak Uni Em. Dia pon risau sebab takut Dhira tak perform well sebab tak dapat apa dia hu...Tertunggu juga call dari Uni sebab org yang jaga tu dah kata, kalau dapat, nnt dia akan call. Alang kata mungkin call abah dia or alang. Tau2 org tu call kat rumah tanya mana Along. Pandai pulak si bongsu jawab. Dia tak ada, dia kat Uni. Then orang tu kata dah call hp along dan tak dapat. Pastu ntah camana Dhirah call orang tu. dan just b4 pukul 4, maklang dapat msg dr Dhirah yg dia dah diterima masuk...Syukur Alhamdulillah...Wan pun sebak bila beritau cucu sulong dapat masuk Uni Em...At least boleh laa temankan Alang kat PJ tu...

Doa mak, moga anak mak belajar lah rajin2 dan jangan sekali mengecewakan harapan2 orang2 yang dah berusaha kuat utk nak dapatkan tempat untuk dhirah di sini. Moga satu hari nanti, anak mak akan dapat mencapai cita2 nya...Doa mak sentiasa buat anak mak...InsyaAllah....moga segala usaha akan dibayar dengan kejayaan...Amin

Dhirah pegi makan ngan Abah nak celebrate..lapar sangat kata dia...Alhamdulillah...geng2 sebilik pun dapat merasa pizza - large untuk 2 orang...tinggal 2 keping je...Dhirah kata kawan2 Dhirah dah tersandar dah... Maklang ingin juga nak ucapkan terimakaseh pada cikgu2 Dhirah sebab dah banyak membimbing dan mendoakan Dhira masa di sekolah. Jasa cikgu2 memang tak ternilai...moga Allah aje yang membalasnya...Amin...

Sehingga berjumpa lagi di lain waktu. Ada yang tersalah tersilap harap maafkan ye:)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cuti panjang..


Alhamdulillah...the internet is back..alhamdulillah...rupa2nya ada pokok jatuh or ada dahan tertimpa cable telefon, apparently. Abang pergi report kat Telekom Kemaman semalam dan dia dah buat apa yang patut. Dia dah potong mobile punya modem..apakenama dia...sokmo tak ingat. Then dia dah tak ambil dah package yg ada streamyx + phone rumah and mobile modem sekarang phone rumah bayar macam biasa ajelah. Streamyx pun dah upgrade to 2Mbps punya. Tengoklah nanti how fast dia bekerja...harap2 harapan bukan harapan ajelah ye:)

Alhamdulillah beg2 yang di tempah dah pon siap. ada yang maklang jahit sendiri utk dijadikan beg, ada yang maklang mintak tolong dari kawan sebab kesuntukan masa..InsyaAllah lusa boleh pos:)

Hari ini dah mulakan tugas seperti biasa. Bangun pagi, tunaikan kewajipan pada yang Maha Esa, baring2 kejap and then kejut budak2 untuk siap ke sekolah dan menjadi supir hu. Semalam Abang yang hantar. Maklang sempat duduk dapur masak gulai nangka dengan daging and sambal utk sambal udang. Udang tak masukkan lagi. Nanti bila nak makan baru masukkan udang. Or else tiap hari makan apa yang bibik masak. At times muak juga. Tapi hari ini pun bibik yang masak sebab tak sempat since kena hantar budak. As usuallah pagi2 dah berkejaran sebab nak masuk opis tak terlalu lewat. Petang pulak balik pun tak leh lewat sebab nak ambil Hakim dari Tabilas. InsyaAllah dalam beberapa hari lagi, maklang tak perlulah nak bekejar lagi sebab nak 'cuti' utk beberapa bulan sebelum beralih arah ke tempat lain. Berbelah bagi juga at first, tapi lepas dah beristikhorah beberapa kali, InsyaAllah ini adalah pilihan terbaik. Mana tau ada rezeki nanti maklang boleh sambung kerja semula, InsyaAllah dan moga dapat tempat yang lebih baik dan sesuai dengan keadaan maklang nak membesarkan anak2 dengan sempurna. Doakan maklang moga dapat apa yang diidamkan selama ni ye...

Malam ni rancangan nya nak menghabiskan jahitan tudung maklang yang baru sekerat jalan. Tak ada siapa pun yang punya. Saje nak buat sebab muak menjahit yang lain. Kalau ada yg berkenan maklang nak jual laaa. Kalau sempat nak jugak selesaikan pouches yang masih terbengkalai tu..

Jumpa lagi di lain waktu...InsyaAllah

Sunday, June 12, 2011

RE and memasak:)


I have been hoping to update my blog since last Thursday but could not do so. The internet has been giving us problems since that day. Kadang ada, kadang tak de. Sekejap ada sekejap tak ada. When the mood comes to update, then the line tak ada. When I am in the midst of my sewing the line ada. Malas pulak nak berenti menjahit ...hilang mood jahit lagi susah. I have pujuk my friend to help me sew my REs into products. Alhamdulillah my 20 pouches are all done and ready to be shipped by tomorrow, that is if i managed to complete a special gift for the kakak yg order pouches tu..Insyaallah kak H. Nanti try to sew the small gift for you. This is her second order of the pouches. She has underestimated the numbers of friends that she wanted to give the pouches and Yasin and thus she ordered more so that none of them are 'kecewa' for not getting one. Thanks kak for your trust for me to sew the pouches for you. I hope there will be more to come, InsyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah for being able to sew quite a few more yesterday. But of course they are for the small poches for some other friends. I hope to do more today. The RE for frame oordered by someone, has been hanging on the chair in the sewing room for the past month. I do not know when I am able to complete it. She wants it sometime before Raya so she could frame it. InsyaAllah will try to get on to it soon

Yesterday as usual, I went to the Pasar Tani. Brought along about Rm180 and spent almost all. Tak pelaa. Banyak jugak yang dihangkut. Did not buy any breakfast but bought 3 packets of mee kuning and fried them. Alhamdulillah…Campak udang beberapa ekor and within minutes, the mee goring was done.

I ate alone as the kids were still in lalaland. If abang and Along were home, I am sure we would have it together. Yang lain memang late riser. Esp Angah…dia cuti betul…risau jugak bila tengok dia relax since PMR is about 3 months away aje. I managed to mereka a new dish for lunch.. I have been craving for masak lemak ketam tapi no ketam was available so it was udang masak lemak and ayam berlado dengan limau kasturi. Sampai meragam perut sebab banyak sangat makan cili api.

After lunch I was back at my fav chair. Alhamdulillah jahit lagi sampai maghrib sambil menonton ‘wayang’ by my bedside. Seronok enjoying life.

Abang arrived quite late. I was already asleep when he called me to pick him up. Ada 2 yang ikut. Tak berani jugak nak drive sorang. Dah past midnite.

This morning we went to eat outside. Ingat nak ke kedai kat Kemasik. Sedap roti canai dia but luck was not at our side. The shop was closed. Maybe the boss pegi KL kot nak tengok bola Terengganu vs Kelantan…harap Tganu menanglaaa..kot dapat cuti hari Ahad InsyaAllah - when this post is published...dah tahu pon Terengganu menang 2-1. Alhamdulillah....ingatkan dapt cuti tapi tak ada pon:)

As the kedai roti canai was closed we opt for MM punya kedai thosei ler...Oklaaa...

Alhamdulillah I managed to complete another piece while watching cerekarama last nite...Gambar dia next n3 lah ye...:)

Have a nice week ahead:)..Assalamualaikum..:)