Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I wish her wish will come true...

Assalamualaikum ...

Yesterday was a very tiring day as I did not have much to do in the office. Just sitting without any project in hand is a little bit too stressing for me. I sometimes just cannot wait for the day when I will be busy again. Yess...busy with my craftworks during the day and not only after office hours. Its a real torture to wait for the clock to strike at 5:00 pm or a little bit later as I sometimes comes in late. We pratice flexi hours here and it is our on responsibility to complete the 8 hours! Well...semua akan di tanya nanti!

My beloved baby cried again when I called her early yesterday morning @ 5:30am. I texted her earlier asking if she has already awakened from her sleep and when I received her reply minutes after that I called her, immediately. She sounded ok but I could feel her unhappiness. And when I asked her..are you happy? she cried...Oh my baby girl. It really hurts mak you know. Knowing that I am not there to hug you. To make you feel safe again...I wish I wish that all our wishes will be fulfilled by Allah swt and I am still wishing...

Alang went to visit her yesterday during her lunch hour. She said Dhirah was not so ok laaa..Tapi nampak a little bit ceria when Alang arrived. Alhamdulillah. Thanks alang for being there for me. I know it would not be the same for Dhira but at least when alang is there, terubat jugaklah sikit2 kan...nak peluk Alang will not be the same as peluk mak, sebab alang comei lote je..he he...don't crush her tau:)

Alang went to visit her again later in the evening. She brought Min Min and Maya and a couple of subways I guess. Wah.. kenyang anak mak. Alhamdulillah. Dhirah told me that they were not given any food to eat so she had to buy at the nearby cafetaria. She said the food was not bad. so so laaa..Alang said that she will try to send food to Dhirah Insyaallah everyday, after her office hours. But I think all will be fine later on. It will take time to adapt to a new environment kan. and I wish that she will be fine and excell in her studies. Alang is also tring hard to do something for Dhirah. Hopefully she will succeed InsyaAllah. We will keeping praying and berdoa for Allah to fulfill our duas.

I managed to sew 2 bags and 2 pouches yesterday evening. It was a torture for me to complete the RE for another bag. Mengantuk ya amat. Mungkin sebab travelling the day before kot. Anyway do enjoy the photos below:) and have a nice day:)

this is one of Joy's bag, the other 2 sikit lagi eh...lom jait jadi bag lagi:(

ini bag yang my officemate beli...sebenarnya it was for another fren, tp i buat yang lain for kira ni beg tak bertuan...tapi tadi bagi puan yang lain dah amek:) Alhamdulillah

this magnetic pouch is for Sailing...sama gan dengan yang bawah. Another beg pending sebab kemasan kat blakang belum buat:(. then baru buat beg laa...the brown bag dah siap...

bila fikir tentang jahitan...jadi seram sejuk...harap I will have lots of time to complete them, Insyaallah:)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I will surely miss you my baby girl:(


Alhamdulillah I have safely arrived home with Hakim, Yusuf and bibik. The journey took more than 4 hours! We stopped at Temerloh so that I could take a nap. The eyes were drooping by then. rasanya mau batang mancis pun patah kalau letak kat mata tu..Alhamdulillah after 10 mins lega sikit and I started to drive all the way to Kerteh. Jem sat at the infamous Kemaman bridge- rugi 20 mins kot jalan slow sangat. Banyak kereta kat highway on both sides so tak lah bawa laju mana pun. max pun 130 kot bila tak perasan..:)..This is the first time i drove alone to kerteh since we moved here 14 years ago!

Tadi pagi, as early as 730 am we left our apt. heading towards UI@. Abang, Maya, Dhirah, Alang and me..we thot we were early but when we arrived, the cark park was already almost full! semangat betul. Abang said entah2 ada yang camping kat sini sebab dok jauh... ye lah tu... We walked towards Dewan Al Malik Faisal - the registration area for girls. Very well orgaized. Dhirah dpt no 1074...lama lah tu nak tunggu. But at about 830 ( 824 according to my phone:), dah mula panggil number 1000 -1100 untuk masuk ke dewan for registration. Puas lah jugak tunggu . Around 10 gitu Dhirah dah keluar happy nampaknya..

She told me...mak ada orang kenal Dhira kat dalam. Dia kata ni la dia ..Nadhirah N...terkejut Dhira. And she said the lady told her that she knows Dhira thru this blog! Wow...this is the 2nd time kena cam ni:). The first time, was when we were performing our saei, a lady came to say maklang eh...:) and started to say my kids name one by one and pointing at each of them...terkezut gak tu..Anyway, thanks to the 'kakak' or 'adek' who had helped Dhira thru the registration tadi:)

Alhamdulillah urusan registration selesai and I saw that my baby girl was happy all the way. In fact she was so excited masa kemas2 barang nak masuk Uni ni...tapi when we entered her mahallah, muka Dhirah terus maklum, tak pernah lagi ada experience dok asrama. ramai2 sebilik...and kena tido kat atas pulak tu. Alang, maya and me did all the arranging of her things while she just stood still sebab tak tau nak kata apa. Kesian anak mak. Bila dapat tahu lepas registration seme dah boleh balik and has to come back by 6:00pm. so we took her home. Sempat jumpa Cikgu Milah yang tolong bawakan botol air Dhira...sian betul anak mak. She cried when we were on the way back. Tak mau masuk mak...dia kata...Mak pun apalagi..sama jugak laa..I told her that she is very lucky to have a place here. First Unimas, then dapat tukar least ada place. Some people tak ada langsung..Bila tengok anak manja macam ni rasa macam bersalah pulak sebab tak expose kan dia benda2 macam ni. Rasanya I am overprotective kat anak2 tapi I know all mothers are like me..kalau boleh you want to give the world to our anak2 kan...

I can still remember, masa I left my parents for the first time dulu..macam ni lah jugak keadaan nya. I was not strong. Mula2 nak pergi tu happy, tapi dah seminggu kot kat sana, tiap hari nangis ingat kat mak, and everytime I called, I did not have a voice to utter any words..macam tercekik kat kerongkong! hu hu!..Anyway that was almost 30 years ago, and now I am experiencing what my mom did when I left her to further my studies..lagi terok, with no one within reach! Tapi Alhamdulilah I made it:)

A short while ago, I called her and she sounded ok...tapi boleh feel that there is no single smile yet in her voice. Tapi mak doakan baby girl mak akan happy and berjaya untuk menempuh semuanya...Alang and Abah will always be around you kan...Call je Alang or Abah, I am sure they will be by your side!:)...I will miss having you golek2 at my bed when i am sitting bz with my RE..I surely will miss you very much:(

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hi Kajang...:)


Alhamdulillah finally we found a little time to go back to our house in Kajang. The last time we went there was like more than 3 months ago. As expected, it was very dusty - tapak kaki was black immediately once we stepped in. I brought Alang's helper as well as mine to help clean up the house. At first i was thinking of going with the bibiks only and leeve the children behind with Alang...tapi when they heard that we are going back to the house, semua nak ikut. Last nite, Yusof dah minta permission if he could tag along. Nak main kat taman permainan lagi...he he:)..So off we went with a big bag full of food sebab malas nak kluar beli nanti.

We reached Kajang around 10:30 am. Alang and the kids detoured to PJ to do some copying of forms for Along's registration and then went to Shah Alam to get some briani kambing and briani ayam. Didnt know that depa seme nak makan dulu there..So there was ample food laa , and the food that we brought was left untouched except for some slices of bread eaten with some peanut butter and the chicken curry,later in the afternoon.

After leaving the bibik to clean up the house, Abang and I went to get some penyapu and penyapu sawang...Yelaa, the house needs to be cleaned properly laa, penyapu yang tinggal pon dah bengkok sebab lama tak pakai! then abang ajak pergi condo hunting again...dont worry he said, we are not going to buy...just suka2 tengok jelaaa...he he...I am always worried if dia dah start property hunting...tapi mmg dia suka hunting property ni..takat hunt jelaa...tak banyak yang masuk jerat pon:)

We spent like 30 mins kot kat situ. The rumah contoh was nice. Sempat cilok idea if nak buat we kitchen kat rumah kajang ni..small but nice. Clean aje the construction...:)

Alang and the children has arrived when we reached home. They brought with them briani kambing, briani ayam and a bungkus of mee bandung, apa lagi makan laaa
it was quite good...

Wani came with her husband, sori lah wani, maklang tak dapat serve apa2 sebab rumah ni tak lengkap mana:(...Nanti insyaAllah , one day whn we move maklang boleh ajak wani makan kat rumah..

Alhamdulillah I completed 2 beg telekong already today and managed to complete the RE for kak ana's friend and now dah mula jahit beg punya RE for another friend.

Tomorrow will be Along's registration day and moga Along berjaya dengan cemerlang...InsyaAllah...For sure I will be missing having my eldest dotter at home. The house will be much quieter without Along and Maya. Maya decided not to come back nak teman min min since Ucop will be following me home for a week, InsyaAllah...

see you when I see you..:)

Friday, May 27, 2011

ronda2 kl


Its getting dark outside. I did not accomplish much today esp with my ribbons. After performing my Subuh prayer, as usual during weekends i will sit in front of the TV to watch Tanyalah ustadz. Good programme at least I could learn something to improve my knowledge to become a better Muslim InsyaAllah. And normally I will have something in my hands to keep them busy or else the eyes can easily close esp when the eyes know that it is a weekend, and tak payah rush for work.

Then, I did some sorting out with my RE photos yang sangatlah serabut nowadays. I need to sort out the photos for my upcoming RE book. Yes, again it will be with Marlina Rahmat . There are still a lot of corrections to be done. Being here alone without Ina around it is quite difficult for me to complete it. Ina is now in the UAE following her husband. We only communite thru FB or sometimes via email. Tonite the publisher will be coming to meet me, and I hope I could complete editing the book. It seems that there are so many corrections to be done...aiyooo..I thot the script that we gave was almost perfect...he he. tu pada we all laa, yang bukan editor or publisher. The book is due to be out in July...which is only about a month yo yo. Thanks Na for sending some pictures to add to the langkah demi langkah part. At least one part dah almost complete. Now, I will have to add more photos taken recently...baru2 ni banyak jugak complete new designs for the book:)

So much about that. Pukol 11:30am, kaklong and I left for PJ to meet Alang. Tawaf kejap UM hospital akibat salah masuk hu, then we headed to pick up Yusuf. by then dah tukar drebar dah...Tak berani nak drive when tak tahu nak pusing in PJ. Plus we were rushing for time. then ke SS2, cari bank, sampai2 it was already closed! Didnt know that banks close on Friday afternoons???

Frust jugak, Pusing2 and alang brougt us kat PJ. Nak makan mee bandung. Oklaaa. then after that ke town nak cari bank.Ikut dalam maps kat phone it was supposed to be located kat jalan Raja Laut kat KWSP. Parked the car kat blkg and walked ke depan KWSP tapi tak ada bank tu. Called the bank and rupanya dah pindah dekat2 chow kit...nasib baik jumpa. Kira it was an achievement for me laa today. ronda2 KL. Before this memang takut nak drive kat KL since i moved to Kerteh yang tak jem and sikit sangat kiranya dah bolehlah nak move back to KL bila dah boleh ronda2 KL sendiri...main blasah aje macam mula2 dpt stering more that 24 years ago...That long eh????

Malam ni pon akan bz filling in the forms for Dhirah's registration on Sunday...

Tomorrow will be another long day..nak gi kemas umah kat Kajang yang dah beberapa bulan hu...

Thursday, May 26, 2011 we come


Wah...2 minggu turut2 I have to go to KL. What to do? Dah terpaksa. Last wiken Dhirah got her award from Abah's office. Alhamdulillah she pocketed quite a lot. Rezki betul mek sorang tu. This Sunday pulak will be her registration day. I will be taking a day off. Talking about that, I have not even submitted the leave request.he he...malas n malas laaa...jap2 lagi I will do it InsyaAllah if I remembered.

The bajus are all packed. Not forgetting my ribbons and all the kains for me to sew. Macam lah nak gi lama sangat. Tapikan, sometimes, when you are away from home, the ideas can come easily. I just hate sewing the same things all over again. So, everytime I sew, I will try to add here and there. Kalau tak memang boring ya amat. buat benda sama memang bosan...:) Hopefully I will be more creative when I am in laa kan when I have dear hubby around, the ideas normally just will flow...macam air sungai...he he...the merepeking is just so happy that i will be seeing him tonite.:) InsyaAllah.

I hope Alang and her two kids will be staying at our GP tonite. Sure havoc. Tomorrow morning bolehlah the two kids and my 2 younger ones pegi mandi kat swimming pool...ooopsss, lupa besok Ucop masih sekolah ek. Its last day of school here:). I will be going out with Dhirah to open up an Account at Bank Mu@malat. Its a requirement by UI@. Napelah kat bank ni. Kat Kerteh tak de so we have to open up kat KL. Dah lah tak tau jalan sangat kat sana. I guess I will have to ask DH untuk nak tunjuk jalan. Kang sesat barat, buang masa aje.

Actually, we just had a fire drill a short while ago. Masa tu kat praying room. Terpaksalah turun tangga 5 tingkat. Kena pulak assembly point kat tengah panas, berpoloh2 den...

Thats all for now. kalau rajin nanti updet pulak. see u when I see u:)

and have a nice wiken:)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Sibuk malam ni. Maklang dah siap pack baju. along pun tengah pack baju. Cam nak pindah. Bilik dia pun katanya macam kapal pecah. tapi biasa2 pun kapal tu mmg macam kapal yang dah 50% pecah...he he...betul tak Long...??

Mak risau jugak ni. Camana lah nanti anak mak bila duduk sendiri. Nasib baik lah tak jauh mana. Terimakasehlah pada mereka2 yang menolong kami dengan memudahkan pertukaran Along ke UIA. Syukur pada Allah banyak2 moga2 jasa kalian Allah jua yang akan membalasnya...

Kali ni maklang cuma beritahu apa yang dia patut bawa aje, tak adalah nak masukkan dalam beg. biar dia belajar sikit camana nak kemas beg untuk duduk jauh ni. Frankly speaking, mmg maklang akan berasa kehilangan sangat sebab along ni, dia mmg rapat ngan maklang. selalu aje meleser kat maklang. Ni bila dia tak ada, seme keje nak amek adek2 ni dah jadi kerja maklang laa. Mmg berkejaran pulak. Tak sabarnya nak kembali tinggal sekeluarga di satu tempat...YA Allah ku mohon Kau kuatkan hati kami semua...mesti maklang rindu kat Along. Hakim pun dah susah hati sebab nnt kot2 ta jumpa kaklong dia for 1 year...and dia still ingat Along nak gi Unimas...puas Alng ketawakan adek bujang dia...

Ok lah out dulu...Doakan Dhirah dpat tawaran ke UM...InsyaAllah...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Panas ketekk


Satu lagi hari telah berlalu. Panas betul cuaca sekarang. boleh jadi demam bila kena panas2 macam ni. Anak2 pula esp Along dan Hakim asyik berdarah hidung aje. Zaman maklang berdarah hidung dah hampir berlalu Alhamdulillah. Masa kecik2 dulu toksah ceritalah mmg kerap berdarah hidung. Benda ni macam keturunan. Atok pon dulu berdarah hidung gak. Maklang masa b4 kawin dulu dah buat operation tampal2 kapileris dalam hidung. Lepas tu lega sikit Alhamdulillah. Kalau tak pantang panas, mmg mengalir je darah. Bukan sikit banyak pulak tu. Kalau time winter pulak, tiap kali nak mandi, tiap kali lah berdarah hidung ni. Kering sangat sampai kapileris tu retak...:(. Now jarang2 kena dah, Alhamdulillah

Minggu ni maklang macam biasa sibuk. Alhamdulillah maklang marathon dapat jahit 3beg kecik2 dalam masa 2 hari. Dah pon dihantar pada tuan dia. Terimakaseh ke Mek Za. Ada gak bahan jahitan maklang menjadi hadiah utk pertandingan yang akan di adakan di MM, InsyaAllah

Kalau ikutkan mata mmg lah nak lelap. Tapi keje menjahit al banyak sekali. terpaksa jugak bersengkang mata, tapi tak tahulah sampai kol bape nanti...sementara tu, enjoy hasi jahitan maklang ye..yang berminat boleh lah send message ke maklang ye:)
( 2 je yg boleh uplod malam ni..)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alhamdulillah maklang sekeluarga ok..


Lama betul kali ni maklang tak bersiaran. Ada gak yang email dan tanya2 nape tak updet. maaflaa maklang terlalu sibuk sekarang. Apart from sesuatu yang berlaku yang akan merubah hidup kami sekeluarga, maka hilang mood maklang nak berblog. Ada kisah yang sangat menyayat hati berlaku...tak perlulah nak diceritakan di sini kerana maklang rasa lebih baik hanya maklang, keluarga dan kawan2 rapat sahaja yang tahu. Moga dugaan ini akan menjadikan keluarga kami lebih rapat lagi hendakNya...Amin...

Keadaan yang terlalu panas sekarang menyebabkan maklang cepat sangat rasa letih. Dengan jahitan yang tersangatlah banyak..Alhamdulillah:), kadang rasa tak sempat nak merehatkan badan. Balik dari opis terus aja, maklang duduk kat mesin jahit. Tempat maklang jahit pulak dekat ngan tempat tengok TV - matahari petang - macam sauna kat situ...ada banyak lagi yang belum berjahit. mana taknya maklang hanya duduk kat mesin jahit mulai jam 6 lebih sampai dekat2 maghrib sebab cuma waktu tu je yang sejuk pulak full blast laaa...mmg macam sauna jugak...

ni pon mata dah mengantuk sangat, ingat nak lelap kejap before maklang menyambung tugas menyulam lagi. Harap2 lah siaplah 5 buah wednesday nite...Khamis pulak nak zoom ke kl nak hantar Along masuk universitas...Alhamdulillah:)