Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goodbye Friends


Alhamdulillah. I am a full flegded housewife as at 5:15pm just now. Alhamdulillah again, I woke up this morning with a smile on my face feeling so happy and contented. I didn't know why...I just felt that way. I guess it could be because its the last day of having to go to work. Alhamdulillah just could not help myself from smiling. I could feel that all the burden and sadness that I have felt for the last few months were being lifted from my shoulders:)

I went to the office feeling happy. Did not have the mood to do what I normally do since the past 89 days...I felt that I want to relax today and that was what I did. Not that I have been working very hard during the notice period. There were not many projects and most of the staff at the KDO have been sitting doing nothing!

I definitely will miss my friends the most. I will also, at times ,miss being an engineer . Miss to have all the fun that we have in the office. But life has to go on. At the moment my family is the most important thing in my life and I would not think of sacrificing my family before my work. Not in a million years...

A few friends came to my workstation to bid farewell and even gave me a parting gift. Alhamdulillah and thank you very much. I will treasure them very much...InsyaAllah.

Later in the evening, just before I left, my close friends whom some of them I have known since I first joined ( going to my 15th year!)came to say goodbye. One even told me that he will miss having me around. Yes that is definite but I am sure all of them will remain in my heart!

at KDO

Long time friends...I will miss all of you:(

I left the office at around 5:15pm and pray to Allah that this will be a good start for a new career as a full time housewife. Please pray for our happiness:)

Thank you for dropping by:)