Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sibuk dan Bz


I have been busy for the last 2 days. Hence there was no update. As usual Friday is the busiset day of the week. It started as early as 5:30 am ..I woke up quite early knowing that there will be so much to do on Fridays. ? But as usual golek2 sekejap, before preparing myself for Subuh. Alhamdulillah it was easy to wake Hakim up although he slept late. After that, prepared to go the Pasar Tani for the groceries. The price of ikan kembong went up again to RM15/kg. Wow...mahal..but Abang said, if you want to buy, buy ajelah..Don't complain. I wasn't complaining, just informing that the price of the fishes memang dah terlalu mahal. The same for others. Fening kepala I..

It was a rushed job at the Pasar Tani. I forgot to bring my hp. And I was therefore late. Camana tak lambat..met a few friends and talked a few minutes with them. Also informed them that Thursday was my last day as a working mom..anyway...I am enjoying everybit of it and not complaining so far.

The RE class started usual. There were 10 students. Everyone was so so excited because we started on the table runner last Friday. Everyone was in the mood to get the work done, but of course none completed. Time passed very fast! soon it was already 2:00pm. The class was full of fun and laughter. Alhamdulillah the students were happy with the outcome.

I didn't sew much that evening. Felt like sleeping and Hakim said...Tidolah mak..kan lepas ni mak tak keje dah!:). He is so very happy that now Mak will always be at home to tend to his needs! He even said that today is his happiest day because when he came back from school, mak and abah were waiting for him:)

Cik abang arrived almost 12 that Friday night. Served him Chilli Udang. Sedap kata dia. I cooked the chilli prawns for Dhirah, ikan keli masak lemak cili api and also some ayam masak hijau as Along requested. I cooked quite a lot planning for the following week. Suddenly I remembered that I will not have to go to work anymore. Punya lah lama dah keje, tiba2 tak keje, terlupa kejap!:)

Sabtu as usual. klas lagi:). Enjoyed every bit of it. Kakak prepared serawa durian the day before and bibik made the pulut early in the morning, to servee the students. Lepas makan, seme dah mengantuk. I thought them how to make the tassels...mana tak ngantuk...they had to count the number of windings of the thread so that the size of the tassel will be about the same...

After class, did the Zohor and then Cik Abang, Hakim and myself attended a khenduri in Dungun. The gulai was good ...lapar pun ye. We had lunch around 3:10pm..apa pun sedap!

Tadi pun sibuk. Sempat jahit beg kawan alang. Untuk kawan Wan nnt sikit lagi laa..Lagipun Wan seminggu lagi baru datang sini..

Tomorrow, berangan nak potong baju Raya anak2...tengok lah macamana...banyaknya kerje kena di selesaikan:)

Jangan tak ada tarikan..gambar pouches yang dah pos sampai kat tuannya:) Alhamdulillah:)

May Allah bless us all..Amin:L)