Sunday, March 13, 2011

HK Discovery Part 3:Tuen Mun Town


Rest...We need to rest our legs today. Yesterday's walking was too much for us. With the back problem that I currently have and abah's and mak's knee problem it is not ok for us to continue walking like yesterday. so, it was a taxi and tram day today.

We left the apartment about 10:30 am today. No rushing at all. After having breakfast of cucur udang and angel hair goreng from yesterday's leftovers, we took a Taxi to Tuen Mun Town. Two taxis for the 8 of us. Abang with Maya, Angah and Along, whilst I was with Abah and Mak and of course my bujang manja. It was a short ride which cost us approximately 50HKD ( RM 20.00) from the apartment to the Mall. Abang told me that this is the biggest mall in the New Territory. Yes, it is big alright. 4 interconnecting buildings and it is really BIG. It was a santai walk in the Mall. Wan bought a few undergarments, abang bought some socks. I did not get anything for myself. Tak de yang berkenan di hati.

We spent a few hours just walking and looking around and noticed that the Mall was arranged according to the types of things that they sell. On the ground floor, most of the shops sell electrical goods, 2nd floor sells makeups for the the ladies etc. The food stalls are on the 4th floor but of coz, we did not buy anything.

Before leawing the Mall, atok and Wan and my dear Abang terpikat with the luggage just outside one of the big stores. The price was we took home 2 hand luggage and one bag. Oklah...and the 2 youngest siap berebut, who should pull the bags...It was amost 1 pm...and Angah started to open up her canteen bag. Every time when the younger ones start to tarik muka, we know that the makan time is approaching. After 1 ZIP chocolate and a few pieces of Oreo, barulah boleh senyum...

We walked out from the Mall towards the tram station which is just across the road. Before boarding the tram, it is advisable to check the credit first. We weren't sure camana nak top up Hakim's ( tak tahu why his was less than the rest!). so, we paid the normal ticket for him. it is all about honesty here. Nobody will know if you do not pay when entering the tram, no guard , no turstile...u can enter the tram and then pay by ouching yr card on the machine, but then again nobody will check if you do not pay! ( But mana lah tau maybe there is something yang boleh monitor if the passenger pays or not!)

Not knowing where we were supposed to go, we turun at the ferry pier. then we took a rest kat situ. Just sitting on the bench, enjoying the view ad the Wan Wan the kids bought at the Mall.... then it was pusing2 in the Pier Mall. Oklah..Hakim kata..Mak..macam kat GM Plaza. We even found an Indonesian Toko...and since we arrived..we met quite a few Indonesians...even Malays jugak masa kat The Peak..but maklang rasa the Indonesians are friendlier that Malaysians kat sini..

Lepas the pusing2 there we headed for home..Luckily I had prepared meehoon goreng earlier on. the kids were starving!

I slept after lunch...enjoying too much of Angah's massaging my tired legs..then it was RE time again. Abang, Maya, Hakim and Along went to get some bread at the Piazza later in the evening.

Angah and Along are now busy cleaning the chicken for tomorrow's lunch/dinner which I will prepare in the morning, Maya has just finished ironing the partially dried clothes ( she is sooooo happy that today she finally could use the iron...sebelum2 ni its either the bibik doing it for her at home, or Mak yang gosok when we go jalan2:)

Oklah till we meet again besok, Insyaallah...( rasa stiff pulak tulis omputih ni...lama benar tak write in English except when writing technical things masa kerje!)

aMaya tengah tengok2 all those benda2 comei kat kedai. sorang dapat 50 HKD to do their own shopping! alaong and angah bought head phones gambar kartun apa entah...memang comei

Atok and Wan tengah choose the bag
just a view outside the Mall
melambak bus 2 tingkat kat sini...on the way to the ferry pier
Sampai kat Ferry Pier makcik kanteen beroperasi lagi
makan wan wan...suka benar dapat beli sebanyak tu!
Toko Indonesia kat Ferry Pier
Gantung baju kat cermin kat ruang tamu...sila ignore sotong tersebut ye..sib baik gambar golap sikit!


tireless mom said...

Berjalan sakan mak Lang. Bila pulak nak sampai ke Disneyland ni? Enjoy yourself. HOpe the bus drivers do not give you trouble. I pening tengok the way they drive.


wah mak lang..really enjoyed reading this posting. seronoknya jalan2 sekeluarga kan..

eh wan wan tu kan kegemaran my kiddies too haha..

gambar2 sotong tu biasa la..hahah

ok mak lang enjoy your trip..


sesekali jalan banyak...exercise tu, yg penting happy:)