Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hi Kajang...:)


Alhamdulillah finally we found a little time to go back to our house in Kajang. The last time we went there was like more than 3 months ago. As expected, it was very dusty - tapak kaki was black immediately once we stepped in. I brought Alang's helper as well as mine to help clean up the house. At first i was thinking of going with the bibiks only and leeve the children behind with Alang...tapi when they heard that we are going back to the house, semua nak ikut. Last nite, Yusof dah minta permission if he could tag along. Nak main kat taman permainan lagi...he he:)..So off we went with a big bag full of food sebab malas nak kluar beli nanti.

We reached Kajang around 10:30 am. Alang and the kids detoured to PJ to do some copying of forms for Along's registration and then went to Shah Alam to get some briani kambing and briani ayam. Didnt know that depa seme nak makan dulu there..So there was ample food laa , and the food that we brought was left untouched except for some slices of bread eaten with some peanut butter and the chicken curry,later in the afternoon.

After leaving the bibik to clean up the house, Abang and I went to get some penyapu and penyapu sawang...Yelaa, the house needs to be cleaned properly laa, penyapu yang tinggal pon dah bengkok sebab lama tak pakai! then abang ajak pergi condo hunting again...dont worry he said, we are not going to buy...just suka2 tengok jelaaa...he he...I am always worried if dia dah start property hunting...tapi mmg dia suka hunting property ni..takat hunt jelaa...tak banyak yang masuk jerat pon:)

We spent like 30 mins kot kat situ. The rumah contoh was nice. Sempat cilok idea if nak buat we kitchen kat rumah kajang ni..small but nice. Clean aje the construction...:)

Alang and the children has arrived when we reached home. They brought with them briani kambing, briani ayam and a bungkus of mee bandung, apa lagi makan laaa
it was quite good...

Wani came with her husband, sori lah wani, maklang tak dapat serve apa2 sebab rumah ni tak lengkap mana:(...Nanti insyaAllah , one day whn we move maklang boleh ajak wani makan kat rumah..

Alhamdulillah I completed 2 beg telekong already today and managed to complete the RE for kak ana's friend and now dah mula jahit beg punya RE for another friend.

Tomorrow will be Along's registration day and moga Along berjaya dengan cemerlang...InsyaAllah...For sure I will be missing having my eldest dotter at home. The house will be much quieter without Along and Maya. Maya decided not to come back nak teman min min since Ucop will be following me home for a week, InsyaAllah...

see you when I see you..:)

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