Thursday, May 26, 2011 we come


Wah...2 minggu turut2 I have to go to KL. What to do? Dah terpaksa. Last wiken Dhirah got her award from Abah's office. Alhamdulillah she pocketed quite a lot. Rezki betul mek sorang tu. This Sunday pulak will be her registration day. I will be taking a day off. Talking about that, I have not even submitted the leave request.he he...malas n malas laaa...jap2 lagi I will do it InsyaAllah if I remembered.

The bajus are all packed. Not forgetting my ribbons and all the kains for me to sew. Macam lah nak gi lama sangat. Tapikan, sometimes, when you are away from home, the ideas can come easily. I just hate sewing the same things all over again. So, everytime I sew, I will try to add here and there. Kalau tak memang boring ya amat. buat benda sama memang bosan...:) Hopefully I will be more creative when I am in laa kan when I have dear hubby around, the ideas normally just will flow...macam air sungai...he he...the merepeking is just so happy that i will be seeing him tonite.:) InsyaAllah.

I hope Alang and her two kids will be staying at our GP tonite. Sure havoc. Tomorrow morning bolehlah the two kids and my 2 younger ones pegi mandi kat swimming pool...ooopsss, lupa besok Ucop masih sekolah ek. Its last day of school here:). I will be going out with Dhirah to open up an Account at Bank Mu@malat. Its a requirement by UI@. Napelah kat bank ni. Kat Kerteh tak de so we have to open up kat KL. Dah lah tak tau jalan sangat kat sana. I guess I will have to ask DH untuk nak tunjuk jalan. Kang sesat barat, buang masa aje.

Actually, we just had a fire drill a short while ago. Masa tu kat praying room. Terpaksalah turun tangga 5 tingkat. Kena pulak assembly point kat tengah panas, berpoloh2 den...

Thats all for now. kalau rajin nanti updet pulak. see u when I see u:)

and have a nice wiken:)



enjoy ya Maklang..all the best buat Along!

OO said...

Dhirah ke UIA ambik course apa?

MULAN said...

congrats dhirah...!!! all the best.. tak jauh kl je tu.. abah ada mesti jumpa every weekend, or everyday...??

happy weekend maklang..!!