Friday, May 27, 2011

ronda2 kl


Its getting dark outside. I did not accomplish much today esp with my ribbons. After performing my Subuh prayer, as usual during weekends i will sit in front of the TV to watch Tanyalah ustadz. Good programme at least I could learn something to improve my knowledge to become a better Muslim InsyaAllah. And normally I will have something in my hands to keep them busy or else the eyes can easily close esp when the eyes know that it is a weekend, and tak payah rush for work.

Then, I did some sorting out with my RE photos yang sangatlah serabut nowadays. I need to sort out the photos for my upcoming RE book. Yes, again it will be with Marlina Rahmat . There are still a lot of corrections to be done. Being here alone without Ina around it is quite difficult for me to complete it. Ina is now in the UAE following her husband. We only communite thru FB or sometimes via email. Tonite the publisher will be coming to meet me, and I hope I could complete editing the book. It seems that there are so many corrections to be done...aiyooo..I thot the script that we gave was almost perfect...he he. tu pada we all laa, yang bukan editor or publisher. The book is due to be out in July...which is only about a month yo yo. Thanks Na for sending some pictures to add to the langkah demi langkah part. At least one part dah almost complete. Now, I will have to add more photos taken recently...baru2 ni banyak jugak complete new designs for the book:)

So much about that. Pukol 11:30am, kaklong and I left for PJ to meet Alang. Tawaf kejap UM hospital akibat salah masuk hu, then we headed to pick up Yusuf. by then dah tukar drebar dah...Tak berani nak drive when tak tahu nak pusing in PJ. Plus we were rushing for time. then ke SS2, cari bank, sampai2 it was already closed! Didnt know that banks close on Friday afternoons???

Frust jugak, Pusing2 and alang brougt us kat PJ. Nak makan mee bandung. Oklaaa. then after that ke town nak cari bank.Ikut dalam maps kat phone it was supposed to be located kat jalan Raja Laut kat KWSP. Parked the car kat blkg and walked ke depan KWSP tapi tak ada bank tu. Called the bank and rupanya dah pindah dekat2 chow kit...nasib baik jumpa. Kira it was an achievement for me laa today. ronda2 KL. Before this memang takut nak drive kat KL since i moved to Kerteh yang tak jem and sikit sangat kiranya dah bolehlah nak move back to KL bila dah boleh ronda2 KL sendiri...main blasah aje macam mula2 dpt stering more that 24 years ago...That long eh????

Malam ni pon akan bz filling in the forms for Dhirah's registration on Sunday...

Tomorrow will be another long day..nak gi kemas umah kat Kajang yang dah beberapa bulan hu...

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