Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nasi dagang, Nasi Lemak, Briani and Rendang Ayam


My colleagues are having breakfast of Nasi Dagang right in front of me. Hmmm…but I am fasting today. There are 3 free meals today. 2 for breakfast ( nasi lemak by one person and another one is the nasi dagang) and another one for lunch ( nasi beriani)…Alhamdulillah and may Allah give them more for their kind hearted to belanja us the food!. Ingat nak ambil sedikit for my iftar today…cukup tak agaknya…The nasi dagang looks so delicious. And I am sure it is good…as it was prepared by my friend’s grandma..

ooohhh..nasi dagang ini kelihatan sungguh sedap...

2 gantang nasi dagang free hari ni...:)Alhamdulillah

ada juga tapai pulut dan ketupat pulut:)

jom jamu selera:)..tapi jangan rebut!

sempat posing tu...nasi dagang boleh tunggu

ni apasal pulak tak ambil lagi...or ke dah kenyang makan sepinggang..


I was late coming to the office this morning. But not that late. Just about 5 mins late. I thought of coming early as I need to go to the school as it is parents’ day today. Alhamdulillah Maya did quite well. Angah dropped in her performance. Angah…Tengok laa lagi all those Korean movies….Mak tak nak cakap banyak. I have told her so many times about this…I hope she will get good results like Along did. Or else it will be like when she took her UPSR…only 4As. But its OK…only Angah was so frustrated! I hope she learnt her lesson. And I will pray for her success in her upcoming PMR.


Yesterday was a busy day for me. Not in the office though…as usual. There was a little bit of discussion on the current project. I am eager at times to get back to technical things but at times it was done half-heartedly. But I am sure I will miss these times when I am out of the office…Sad eh…Yes..Very sad that it has to end this way…But I am sure Allah has more good things for me in the future InsyaAllah..

I went to fetch Hakim from his Sekolah Agama after office. He told me that I need to make some ketupat for him…As usual….with her every so softly nak pujuk mak…

Mak…mak tahu tak nak buat ketupat?

I said yes…but mana daunnya?

Oh…ada Cikgu kasi…akim kena buat 8 biji tau…tapi mak kena buatkan jugak untuk Lokman lagi 3.

Oh..kenapa pulak mak nak kena buat untuk Lokman?

Tak pelaa…mak tolong laa..nanti pukul 6 dia datang ambik…

It was almost 530 at that time and I had to go print some of Angah’s kertas kerja. She needs to submit today. I had printed some on Tuesday but the night before she told me that she forgot to print a few more pages. I told Hakim I might not be able to do the ketupat by 6:00 and asked him to call Lokman to come at 630 instead. I took me only a few minutes to do 3 ketupats. But I did not make any using the rest of the daun ketupat. They were either too short or too small. 3 kali pusing kat my fingers, and that’s it. Even Maya’s tiny fingers would not be able to hold them!

Hakim was satisfied with Lokman’s 3 ketupat and for Hakim’s part, I asked bibik to make some nasi impit. Cikgu kata its ok if nak beli ketupat Adabi but I am just too lazy to drive to the shop. After all bibik is ever so ready to make the lontong. She likes to eat the lodeh with the lontong and I asked her to prepare extra for the house. So, InsyaAllah Sunday morning breakfast will be lontong and lodehlaa…

Today Hakim is so happy that he is going to make Rendang ayam. He had to bring all the blended ingredients. He read to me who is to bring what and as usual his part was the most. I asked him why was it like that and he said…tak pelaa…kan boleh dapat banyak pahala…he he…Pandai anak usuallaaa part dia part paling banyak. Like last year when the teachers asked for a donation of one hamper, Hakim or was it Maya told us that Cikgu nak 3!..I was thinking…wow..Cikgu demanding nya…but we got to know that cikgu just minta donation and bukan hamper…Ni mesti turun termurun, tangan kembang kata awrah MIL ( Al Fatehah to arwah MIL)…

Thanks for reading...

Allahumma, nikmat apa yang aku peroleh dan diperoleh seseorang di antara makhlukMu adalah dariMu, yang Esa dan tidak bersekutu, maka bagi Mu segala puji dan syukur...