Sunday, June 5, 2011

I miss them already:(


I have been busy the last two days. With Alang and the kids in the house, indeed it is a full house. Suddenly it is so so quite when Alang n kids, beloved Cik Abang and my baby girl have gone back to KL just a short while ago. How I wish I could follow them back. How I wish it is already time for us to move to KL and live together again without having to be separated during the weekdays and meet only during the weekends. I know, the hearts grow fonder when we are apart, but somehow it hurts everytime dear hubby has to leave us on Sunday nights in order to be in KL from Mondays till Fridays. I am always eager when Friday comes...eager to have him around me. I guess life has its up and downs. For us, it is like a 10 year cycle! Last 10 years pun Abang had to work it KL and left us here as I am working here. 10 years before that, at that time we just got married, he had to leave me with my dear SIL, as he was seconded to Miri!

I hope and pray that all my beloved will have a safe trip back to KL. Jangan bawa laju2 tau:(. I miss them already. I wish time will fly fast so that Friday will come soon, InsyaAllah...


Yesterday, I spent most of my time in my room. What else if not RE-ing. There's so many to be completed. I completed the RE for 2 bags yesterday! Alhamdulillah.

We had lunch di Dungun. Kawan Cik Abang masa dia buat MBA di Uitm Dungun ada buat khenduri kawin for his eldest daughter. kenyang laa makan gulai daging. Alang pun enjoy makan, walau seciput aje..

ni gambar kami berdua...tersenyum riang sebab dah kenyang..he he..Alhamdulillah:)

Later in the evening, a Dr. friend came to pick up a set of 6 cushion covers which I had just completed. Lama nya nak siap. If I am not mistaken, she ordered about 2 rayas ago...punyalah lama. Finally they are all done and she liked them very much. She also placed a few orders lagi. Alhamdulillah.

Malam pulak, I did some sewing. i just had to complete the messenger bag yang Along nak. Sambil2 Alang tengok Cerekarama. Cuma early morning, late evening atau malam aje boleh menjahit sebab the sewing machine is located in the 'sauna' room .. panas betul kat situ. So dapatlah jahit separuh jalan malam tadi and dapat siapkan after breakfast tadi. Sempat jugak maklang siapkan beg utk Joy and the bags are all going to KL. Alhamdulillah Along suka messenger beg dia:)..boleh lah dia bawa ke kuliah minggu depan...

Pagi tadi pun sempat buat kan Alang mee bandung...:). Alhamdulillah dia suka. Abang ate a little bit sbb pagi dah kenyang makan nasi dagang Mek Wok kat Kemasik. Memang sedap sangat...:)

Thank you for visiting...May we have a good week ahead..Insyaallah:)


mulan aisyah said...

maklang : stayin at pj seriously okay je..makanan pon not bad dah habis 2 tahun there..okay ja..dont worry keyh maklang ;p
there would be presidents and principals kalau ada apa2 yang students perlu~
: ex-president ;p

maklang said...

mulan aisyah, kalau masih di UIA, tengokkan lah Dhirah..and coach lah dia moga dpt result bagus supaya boleh dpr masuk medic