Tuesday, June 7, 2011

mee mamak satu!:)


It has been very hot since the last 2 days. I am hoping for a downpour so that at least the heat will be lessened a bit. A little bit of rain will not diminish the heat but in fact will bring out the heat from the ground. I thought it rained last night when I was doing my RE, but it did not. The aircond was @ 16degrees celcius, and the ceiling fan and stand fan in my room was at full blast! Alhamdulillah ...I was comfortable and almost fell asleep at around 11:30pm with Nora Elena still playing @ Did not bother to watch the TV as it is being aired around maghrib time. I was also busy tring to complete a bag for a friend. That bag was done in a super-hurry mode as she needed it by Friday. InsyaAllah I will post it by today. Then I will have to go to the MM to pay the car loan. Kalau buat 2 hari lepas, tak payah nak berkejar ke sana. Nowadays, since Abang is not around, malas nya lah nak keluar. I dread going to the sundry shop. Tak kuasa. If there's no bread in the house, then I will ask bibik to prepare some kuehs or other food. Or else, I will do it myself.


I came back from the office feeling so hungry, yesterday. Put down my bags and went into the kitchen. Put the kuali on the stove and washed the mee kuning. The mee kuning has to be washed properly as it contains a lot of 'kapor' ..apa ke nama omputih dia. Dan2 lupa..Cepat2 gorengkan mee sebungkus and ate in the kitchen. Alhamdulillah rasa dia ok..Macam mee mamak pulak:) Lama tak makan mee mamak. Bila makan mee ni teringat kat my darling yang suka sangat mee basah2...I wished he was here to enjoy the mee mamak petang semalam:(

Alhamdulillah...Friday is only 3 days away... I am so eager to have my dear hubby back with me Insya Allah.

Along will be starting her first semester in matriculation next week. I just hope and pray to Allah that she is able to change her course to Sains Medical. If not , I hope she will be accepted in the UM...YA Allah...Kumohon di perkenankan doa kami...Amin


Anonymous said...


today, results ept dah keluar. Dhirah dah check ke belum..


maklang said...


result dah kluar, dhirah dpr lev5 english, kena buat asasi 2 tahun gak:(