Monday, June 27, 2011

Of Bread and Chicken Stuffed Bread


Yesterday was a rather slow day. I do not like Sundays. Particularly Sunday evenings. Why? Because dear hubby will be going back to KL. Sometimes late evening, sometimes at night. Yesterday he left the house with Along around 6:00pm. They drove back in the small white car so that Along can drive it to her classes. Alhamdulillah they arrived safely around 11:00pm


Kakak made some bread yesterday afternoon which was so yummylicious. Along brought back a few pieces and some of the lauk which I have cooked and freezed the day before. Even the masak asam ikan tenggiri which I cooked earlier in the morning was nicely packed to be brought back to KL. It has been a full masak early Saturday morning before the RE class started. Ayam masak paprik and chicken cashew nut ( without the cashew nut!) were among the lauk which were packed and freeze. Cik Abang just refused to buy food from outside. So, I cooked a few dishes and freeze them for him to bring back to KL. It will be much easier to preheat the food and eat them rather than going to the foodstall every evening! Just cannot wait for us to move to KL so that we will be together again, InsyaAllah..

This time using the Mauripan yeast, the dough rose nicely:)...Alhamdulillah..

Later in the evening, Cik Abang rolled some pita bread (?), bukan pita bread...apekenama dia...Lupa dah. Stuffed with chicken, carrot, salad, cheese and mayo. Finger lickin' good...Thanks Dear:)

These bags were brought to KL. Nicely packed in the paper bags to be delivered by hand . Hopefully my friends will like them:). Thanks Along for being my posnita:)

I am praying for a brighter future

Allahumma, sesungguhnya aku berlidung padaMu dari kekafiran dan kefakiran; Allahumma, aku berlindung kepadaMu dari azab kubur; tidak ada Tuhan selain Engkau...Amin