Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good and bad news


Alhamdulillah..Along is happier now, very much happier I must say. And I am feeling much better. I hope Along will excell in her studies and one day fulfill her ambition to become a heart specialist .. InsyaAllah...

she was so happy and hungry when Alang came with Maya and Minmin. They brought some spaghetti which Alang made earlier in the morning b4 she left for work. TQ alang...

Memang lapar sangat tu..


the above was written in morning...along just texted me about an hour ago telling me that her application to switch courses from Bio Science to Medic was not approved. My poor baby is very sad. I hope she will study very hard and get good results during her matriculation semester in order for her to get a place in the medicine Faculty, InsyaAllah. It has been her dream to become one, foll0wing the footsteps of her fav aunt Not much can be done at the moment. We can only pray and berdoa so that Allah will fulfill her wishes...Amin..


I have been quite busy the last few days. What else if it is not with my RE. There's not much happening in the house... The kids ( Angah, Hakim and Ucop), went to the movies yesterday afternoon. I sent them before I went to the office at 2:00 pm and picked them up at about 5:30pm. Thank you Aunty Saz, for purchasing the tickets for us. I will pay back the amount when I see you, ya:). thanks again..

Tonite i will try to complete a few more simple REs for the small bag which is due in July. Larat ke dak tak tahu laa...Almaklum baru lepas buka puasa ni...ada balance beberapa hari lagi. InsyaALlah, tomorrow I will be fasting again. 1 Rejab.. Thank you to that someone who reminded me a few days back. May Allah bless your soul:)

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Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Mak Lang,

I'm sorry to hear about Along's situation. As a lecturer in UTM, we normally have these kind of cases. By the way, let Along studied first for her matriculatio. Make sure that she scores really high marks, then before she enters the degree programme, make a formal application to change courses. In UTM, normally we entertain changes of courses after a student has done the first semester. Provided that the candidate has strong justification, a letter, good marks and support from academic advisor. Hope this tip helps you alot. Doa banyak-banyak.-Norhalimah Idris, UTM Skudai.