Friday, June 3, 2011

A blessed Friday


It has been a pleasant Friday for me. With my darling back home with us, the day seems to be brighter ( mmg bright and very panas!!). Today, unlike every other Fridays, I did not have to dothe groceries. Ya...Its pasar tani day where I normally will buy the fresh chickens, fishes, cockles, prawns etc to stock up for the whole week. We normally eat home cooked food. It is very seldom that we buy food outside. Although we've been here for more than 14 years now, the food that are sold here sometimes are not according to our what else...mak kenalah masak! But there is one stall yang we like which we normally buy our breakfast almost every Friday...:)

Today since Abang is around, dia lah yang kepasar. Alhamdulillah I could spend sometime to do more of my RE...he ..he..that was my planlah initially,...but looking at the mess I have made with my ribbons, I just could not sew anymore. I need to tidy up the ribbons first or else, the idea will not flow...especially now that I have a request for like 11 small tote bags ! Alhamdulillah...:).

Gambar lily ni tak tahu kenapa jadi macam ni...bila upload dia jadi memanjang pulak..anyway, I enjoyed doing this early this morning...first time buat lily guna manik yang macam tu..and I like it...hopefully akan improve lagi:)

this one was done last night

and another one late yesterday eve:)

I prepared lunch today. Lama tak masak. I have not been cooking for a week or so. Makan jelaa what bibik masak. Sometimes, the kids do complain..he he...Tak pelaa..sometimes, mak nak gak rehat. So, today was..Kerabu jantung pisang with sotong. Normally it is kerang. Tapi since Cik Abang tak beli, maka the recipe was changed. Ikan cencaru sumbat belakang with kicap cap kipas udang which is another fav dish for Abang and Hakim. Bibik fried some tempeh and mushroom. Sedap2 belaka. I was fasting so..masa they makan, I watched ajelaa..Alhamdulillah..

mula2 nak kasi rasa aje, tapi tahulah kerabu is his i asked Hakim to bring it to his abah

a small bowl of kerabu untuk 'rasa' and a cup of cold tea...:)

budak 2 ni macam belangkas...:) Alhamdulillah they enjoy each other company:)

Tonite Alang will be arriving here with min, bibik , Maya and Along. It will be a full house again. Alhamdulillah...Heboh and riuh lah the house dengan minmin...seronoks!

Can't wait for my baby girl and beloved sister to arrive. rindu kat mereka semua. Insyaallah all of us will livee closer will not be that far away, InsyaAllah..:)


mamasita said...

Waah Lina..sedapnya your kerabu dish..must try and google a kerabu recipe..

So you'll shift ke KL soon..ahh..seronoklah lah nanti..everybody dok dekat2 kat each other..:D


Tak sabar nak tunggu all in KL.. Ada tempat nak anding over the weekend.